Working at home is becoming more popular now that the majority of households have internet access and computers. Unfortunately, that leaves the door open for scammers to come in and take advantage!  Read through these articles for tips on identifying scams and things to look for.

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Start here:

Is Bethany Mooradian a scam?

What do I do once I recognize a scam?

General online safety:

Don’t get scammed buying products and services online

Beware of eBay phishing attempts

How spammers get your email address

Overpayment scams in the flesh!

Industry scams:

Are internet surveys a scam?

Why you will never get rich with Internet surveys

Is it a real job offer or a scam? Mystery Shopper edition

Why you will never make money assembling products at home

Why you will never make money stuffing envelopes at home

Specific companies:

Is Global Information Network a scam?

Is Shadow Shopper a scam?

Is Varolo a scam?

Is Cashcrate a scam?

Is Rexair a scam?

Is Next Job at Home a scam?

Census scams part 1 of 2

Census scams part 2 of 2