Why you will never get rich doing Internet surveys

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If you’ve ever done any kind of market research, you know the legitimacy of Focus Groups, Mystery Shopping, and Exit Interviews. More than once, I’d gather, you’ve been approached in the mall by someone who is desperate for your opinion on their latest soap or movie or food.

It’s a completely legitimate practice, finding out a consumers opinion so that you can decide how best to position your company for optimum profits. This is real. People do get paid for it. Some people make really good money at it…others, get swindled into the dungeons of Internet Surveying.

Now, this industry is a little bit tricky, because some companies are moving their market research online, so there are legitimate opportunities out there.  Before we go any further, I must state that you should never have to pay anyone to do Market Research. If they’re asking for money, its something you don’t need. Keep in mind, though, that some Internet Research companies don’t require payment, but they’ll still scam you.

What I have found with the majority of “Get Paid for Your Opinion” companies, is that they’ll set your minimum payment at about $100. This makes sense, as most surveys only have maybe a $.50-$5 payment for them, and a company doesn’t want to have to send out checks for such a minimal amount. They’ll state this when you first sign up, and start sending you TONS of surveys. You start filling them out left and right, thinking, “Oh my gosh, this is so EASY! I’ve found the Holy Grail!” All of a sudden, you notice that your payment is up to $80! In just a few days! But then…the surveys stop coming.

You never hear from the company again. Even after you contact them, update your contact information, do whatever you have to do…you’ll never get that money. You’ll never get the chance to reach the $100 minimum payment amount because the company has taken you off their list.

If you’re interested specifically in surveying and focus groups, check out your local market research companies and sign on to become a participant. I do have a list of legitimate online survey companies in my book, I Got Scammed So You Don’t Have To! which covers not only legitimate companies to work for, but also gives you technical information on how to avoid getting scammed.

 Think about all the extra money you could make by being a mystery shopper, starting your own business, or working from home for a legitimate company.  Take control of your income and check out our LEARN page for a list of classes, books, and more!

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