Why do they want my email password?


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Dear Buzz,

I signed on with a few mystery shopping companies, but they all ask me for my email and password. That seems a bit invasive. Why do they want to log into my email account?  Do they need to? Is this normal?

-Password Paul

Hi Paul,

The Mystery Shopping company isn’t trying to log into your email. They want you to create an account on their site!  Your user ID would be your email, and then you create a NEW password for their system.

Kinda like how any membership site, or bank, or credit card company, or forum asks you to create a user account…you have to give a user ID (or email) and create a password. Not YOUR user ID and password for your personal email.  You’re not giving out personal information, you’re creating a new login.

Make sense?

People ask me this more than you’d think 🙂

Good luck!



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