What are Reward and Revealing Shops?

Hi Queen,

Yesterday, I got an offer for a Reward shop.  What is this?

-Rewarding Rebecca

Giving money

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Hi Rebecca,

Reward shops can also be called Revealing shops.  They are when you are required to give up your identity as a Mystery Shopper and reward an employee on the spot for doing something fabulous.

For example, you could go into a movie theater and purchase something at the concession stand to see if the employee upsells you to a larger drink or popcorn size.  If they do, you say, ‘Congratulations!  I’m a mystery shopper and you upselled me! Here is your gift certificate, or $10 or whatever…’

If the reward is a gift certificate, the Mystery Shopping company will get that to you beforehand, (or you pick it up at the managers office before the shop) and if it’s a cash reward, you generally front that cost and they’ll reimburse you.

Either way, keep in mind that you WILL be giving yourself up as a Mystery Shopper.  If you visit that location often, or have a habit of doing mystery shops there, keep in mind that you may have to give it up for several months.  The employees WILL remember you!  Reward shops are a happy day for all!

Good luck and happy shopping!


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