The three most lucrative genres of business

Three most lucrative genres of business

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People will spend money on three things, guaranteed:

Love and Relationships
Money and Self Employment
Health and Fitness
(A distant fourth is hobbies, where you can pick a micro-niche.)

People will spend money on how to get a man, how to leave a man, how to mend from a broken heart, how to improve relationships with their spouse, kids, parents, themselves, achieving their dreams, or realizing their potential.

They’ll spend money on the latest diet craze, curing diseases, different types of exercises that will lift the bum, reduce the waist, or trim the fat.

There is a constant need for people to find alternative streams of income. Investments, buying a home, saving for college, decreasing debt, rebuilding credit…the lists go on and on. If you don’t believe me, watch any kind of day-time talk show. Take Dr Phil, for example. Nearly every one of his shows (celebrities not included) fit into one of the above categories. His books follow suit. The man is worth a lot of money by dealing with these three simple categories.

When you’re thinking about going into your own business, or making some extra money, figure out which of these three categories peaks your interest. I used to dabble in all three, but found my passions was really in the money and self-employment field.

People find it fascinating that I have been self-employed for all of my working life, and have yet to get a “real job” (frankly, I think it’s a little weird.) I am more than happy to provide guidance and share my experiences through this site. This is what works for me, and I love doing it.

I also love puppetry. But lets face it, people are more interested in finding out how to live as a millionaire puppeteer, than to actually buy a marionette from me or come see one of my shows. Just the facts.

Take some time to figure out what you can become an expert in, and then start building your business around it. I know a woman who had a battle with breast cancer. She interviewed others with similar stories, and is marketing the book to area hospitals and websites to help others cope with the transition.

Take what you know, and help others learn from your experiences. I can’t think of a better way to make a living.


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