Ten ways for teachers to make extra money

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If you have a background in education, or sometimes just a college degree, there are a variety of ways to earn extra money. While I personally don’t have a teaching certificate, I have taken teaching jobs in private elementary schools, tutoring, teaching English as a second language, standardized test scoring, as well as instructing my work at home and mystery shopping classes through community colleges.

Read on to see if your skills and experience can be translated into a teaching job for extra money on your own schedule, or at home!

Tutoring (Online and Offline)

Tutoring is an easy way for teachers to earn extra money while sharing their expertise. You can find in-person jobs by applying to your local tutoring organizations, or work on your own time online. Two great resources for tutoring are: Sylvan Learning and Tutor.com.

Standardized Test Scoring

Remember back in school when you had to take those standardized tests? The “bubble” sheets are scored by Scan-tron machines, but real humans are needed to evaluate reading and comprehension tests. Visit Pearson Assessments and Measured Progress to see if your experience meets their needs.

Instructing Online Classes

If you’re an expert in your field, there is no reason why you can’t earn extra money teaching others what you know. Online classes are becoming more and more popular, and you don’t necessarily have to have a teaching certificate or degree to get started. Most likely you’ll develop a course plan and submit it for approval. Two sites that specialize in online learning are Ed2go and Brain Mass.

Substitute teaching

Check out your local school district (and even some nearby districts) to get into its database of substitutes. You don’t necessarily have to have a teaching certificate. (It depends on the laws in your state.) Sometimes a college degree, and a lot of patience, will do.

I’ve been teaching my mystery shopping and work-at-home classes through community education since 2002. These types of classes are generally geared toward adults. Some are run through community colleges, others are run through the school district, but all offer wonderfully fun things like yoga, language classes, and underwater basket weaving. All you do is submit a course proposal. If the center approves, and you’re able to continue filling classes, you’ll have a great extra stream of income.

Become a mad scientist

Mad Science is an educational company that gives lessons in science to school kids. They do all the training, and you just travel around to various schools and private parties putting on demonstrations.

Teach Your Native Language

Both Berlitz and Rosetta Stone are internationally recognized language schools. You’ll be put through rigorous training and will only be allowed to tutor your native language. Your clients could be kids, individuals looking to travel, people who got relocated to your area for a job, or their spouses.

Traffic school

People with personality are needed to teach traffic school to those just getting their licenses or if they’ve had too many tickets. Check around your local private traffic schools and DMV to see how the hiring process works.

Test preparation

ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT–all these wonderful abbreviations spell terror in many a student’s heart. Teachers are needed to help prepare students to take these exams. Sometimes it’s required to have a background in education to teach these subjects, other times, it’s just mandatory that you took the test at some point. Check out these national companies for more information: Kaplan and Princeton Review.

Selling Lesson Plans

Continually creating fun, engaging lesson plans that challenge your students while keeping them engaged in the learning process is even harder is a difficult task for even the awesomest of teachers. If you have amazing lesson plans to share, why not help your fellow teachers out by selling them online through Fiverr or Teachers Pay Teachers?

Whether you have a teaching certificate, degree, or just have a passion for helping others learn your expertise, there are several options available for you to make extra income.


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