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Working at home vs. self-employment

Many people come to me wanting to escape the 9-5, but don’t know exactly what they’re looking for.  They want to “work at home” or be “self-employed”, but don’t understand the intricacies of how either would work. Many people don’t understand … Continue reading

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Internet Surveys: Real or Scam?

Dear Buzzzzzy, I’ve seen a ton of websites that claim I can make money doing Internet surveys. Have you done these? Can you make money or is it all just a scam? -Survey Sam Hi Sam, You can make money … Continue reading

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Work at Home FAQ

I’ve been getting a lot of press lately on my books and random job lifestyle. This has led many people to my site and blog (Yea! Hi and welcome!) and inevitably I’ve received a ton of emails.  So, to help everyone out, (and spare my … Continue reading

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