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Seven ways to make money online

In January 2003, I decided that I needed to have a website for my business. I knew nothing about design, hosting, databases, domain registration, etc. It took only a few months before I figured out what needed to be done … Continue reading

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Is eBay still a good home based business option?

In the early days of eBay.com, it seemed like the sky was the limit. People were buying and selling a variety of items: from used records and clothing, to rare collectibles, and everything in between. Over the years eBay has grown … Continue reading

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Would you recognize this scam on CNBC.com?

**Note: Since writing this article, the scammers have changed the landing page to make it look like MSNBC. If you visit the site it may have changed again. Darn those sneaky scammers!** Once upon a time, I received an email … Continue reading

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