Stop reading and start doing!

Many years ago, I was in an acting for film class held by a casting agency in Seattle.  We went around the room talking about our experience in the industry.  One woman really stood out.  She listed at least 15 classes and seminars she had attended, books that she had read, home-study courses she enrolled in, and had an extensive background in dance and theatre.

The instructor of the class asked her how many auditions she went on.  The woman sheepishly replied, “none.”

While the students held back a collective gasp, the instructor didn’t seem phased at all. But that moment really stuck with me…At some point, all of the information that you’ve gathered becomes useless until you actually put it in action.

I read, a lot…I go to networking events, small business seminars, attend webinars and classes that result in me taking a lot of notes to file away for later.  You should see my file cabinet.  It’s really impressive. I listen to audio books in my car, and while I jog, after all it’s like a university education in my spare time.

But in reality, we read too many books.  We attend too many seminars and classes.   We play too many cds: motivational, educational or otherwise. It’s time to stop it.

Stop Reading Start Doing

Image courtesy of and David Castillo Dominici.

All of that information is completely useless if you don’t put it into action.  “Learning” is not listening, reading, or attending classes.  It is not absorbing information…true learning is taking what you have heard, and implementing it into our lives.  Once implementation has occurred, you can then tweak it to bring you success.

Learning is about growing…changing your ideas and beliefs…taking in the world around you and figuring out how to adapt to the new knowledge you have.

You can attend all of the workshops and seminars that you want, but if you don’t actually “audition” for whatever role you’re looking for, how will you know if it suits you?  How will you know to adapt?  How will you grow and be better for next time?

What is it that you’re looking for: Do you want to start your own business? Lose weight? Have better relationships? Be a better parent? Ok, then, go get some guidance and then put that to action. Don’t get yourself stuck in “analysis paralysis.”

True learning comes from implementation, and true success comes from implementation…not research.

Stop reading.  Stop researching.  Stop gathering information, and start DOING it!


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