Should I get a separate email address?

Hey Buzz,

(love your name, btw!) I just started MS-ing…got your training program…love it! And I was wondering if I really need a separate email address to do mystery shopping with.  I already have so many, it just seems like a hassle!

-Emailing Ernie


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Hi Ernie (love your name too!)

Y’know, it’s totally up to you if you want to use another email address specifically for mystery shopping.  I guess it depends on what you use the others for.

For me, personally, I like to keep it separate from even my business account simply because I get SO many job offers.  I average around 100-150 job offers per day, and when I’m not actively shopping, those add up really quickly.  It would drive me absolutely crazy to have those emails mixed in with anything else I did.

You, however, may not mind as much.  It also really depends on how many companies you’re planning on signing on with.  If you’re only going to work for a few, you may not get enough job offers to have your email clogged.

Just remember, if you do start growing your mystery shopping business and decide to get a separate email later, you’ll have to go through the arduous task of changing your profile with all of the companies you first signed on with!  For me, it’s better just to start with a fresh account…but you’ll be able to figure out what works for you once you get rolling.

Good luck!


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