I am constantly asked for recommendations on products, services, and tools to help the solopreneur. And so, I put together this page to give you access to tools I use and recommend. You might want to bookmark this page since it will be constantly changing as I find new and reputable companies, services, and resources to help on your quest to be free from the 9-5 lifestyle.

FTC Required Disclaimer:

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These links and ads help fund this site, keep a roof over my head, and allow me to provide information to you.
If you choose to do business with any of the companies or individuals listed through my site, please do your own due diligence
and make sure you understand what you are purchasing and who you are purchasing it from.
You’re a grown-up. You can do this. 

There you go: complete transparency at it’s finest!

Mentoring Programs

  • Best Seller Blueprint: Author Training videos with Jack Canfield (co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul)
  • Elaine Wilkes: Get Your Book Into Stores

Law of Attraction

  • Science of Getting Rich
  • Mind Movies
  • Mind Movies Matrix

Job Listings and Outsourcing

  • oDesk A great resource for finding developers of apps, websites, social media, or freelancers of any technical nature.
  • Virtual Staff Finder is run by Chris Ducker who plays matchmaker with small business owners who need technical help and overseas workers who provide quality work.
  • Elance: Find freelancers of any kind, anywhere
  • 99Designs: You host a “design contest” and professionals will compete to win


  • Prosper is a peer to peer lending organization where you can find funding at rates much lower than credit cards or traditional banks.

Accounting and Money

  • Less Accounting: Accounting software that is way LESS complicated than Quickbooks.
  • Slash Your Spending: Learning about money management.
  • Money Keys: A financial education program to help you get a handle on your money.

Blogging, Themes, Security

  • WordPress.com: The #1 open source platform for blogging. I use it for QRJ as well as many of my clients. It’s free and easy to create your own site.
  • Woo Themes: The ultimate resource for premium looking WordPress themes.
  • Thesis Theme for WordPressBy DIY themes, it’s a very simple, yet robust WordPress theme.
  • The Headway Theme: I use the Headway theme for QRJ. I LOVE IT! It does have a learning curve, though, so if you’re a complete newbie, I’d go with either WooThemes or DIY themes (above.)
  • How to Start a Blog That Matters: If you want to start a blog, but don’t know where to begin, Corbett Barr will get you there.
  • WP Security Lock: If you run a WordPress website, you’ll need Regina to help you if you get hacked! (I did!)

Domain Registration

  • GoDaddy.com: Cheap domain registration, but the checkout process might overwhelm you.
  • MyDomain: Where I have all of my (14) domains! I’ve been with them for over a decade and am quite happy with the service.


  • HostGator: User-friendly hosting. I use them for many of my clients.
  • BlueHost: User-friendly hosting. I also use them for many of my clients.
  • GoDaddy: Not-so user-friendly hosting. And the owner is a bit of a mysognistic pig and hunts elephants. But many people like them.

Website How-Tos

  • DotCom Secrets: Teaching basics of Internet marketing on the web
  • Start a Blog That Matters: This is a blogging “how-to” course that will teach you everything you need to know about getting started.
  • Coffee Shop Millionaire: Affiliate Marketing and Internet Marketing training.
  • Pop up Domination: A Pop-up script that will increase your newsletter conversions immensley.
  • Learn IT: Any kind of program you want to learn, they’ll get you there.

Newsletters and Autoresponders

  • Aweber: I currently am using Aweber to manage my newsletter list.
  • 1ShoppingCart: I have used 1ShoppingCart in the past, and found that it can be complicated and slow.
  • Constant Contact: I’ve used Constant Contact. It’s good for businesses that just want to send out very simple, one-shot bulk mailings, and don’t have more than one access point, or want to develop campaigns. For those, I really recommend Aweber.
  • Get Response: I have many friends who use Get Response and love the service.
  • Create a horizontal opt-in form with Aweber: a great YouTube video if you don’t want vertical forms

Shopping Carts

  • E-Junkie: Many marketers use e-junkie for their affiliate program and delivering their content (usually ebooks)
  • Clickbank: The grandaddy of online content delivery. I use Clickbank to sell my ebook and downloadable video and run my affiliate program.
  • Paypal.com: You can use PayPal to send and receive payments. Most shopping carts allow PayPal integration, so you might as well get an account.
  • 1ShoppingCart.com: While fairly complicated, 1SC is a one-stop source for a shopping cart, autorepsonder and affiliate program software.

Social Media

  • Let’s Get Social: The premier training course for anyone who wants to learn social media
  • HootSuite: Scheduling Twitter and Facebook posts

Webinars, Teleseminars, Screen Capturing

  • Easy Video Player
  • Instant Teleseminar: For creating teleseminars and webinars
  • ScreenFlow: Screencapture and editing software (for creating great video presentations)

Stock Photos

iPhone Applications

  • How to Create iPhone Apps With No Programming Experience: If you want to create an iphone app, but have no technology experience, this ebook will guide you through how to get it up and running.


  • Google Adsense: You can earn income by placing ads on your website run by Google. (I do this on QRJ)
  • Google Adwords: For advertisers. Just select keywords, decide on your daily spednding amount, and only pay each time someone clicks on your ad.
  • Newsletter Directory:If you run an e-newsletter, you can find sponsors who will pay you per impression or per click on their ad.


  • Chamber of Commerce: Small Business Networking through local and national events
  • Linked-in: Post your resume, job search, and connect with Linked In groups.
  • Meetup.com: Meeting others with similar interests through local, in-person events.
  • Toastmasters: If you’re wary of public speaking, this supportive community will coach you to success.

Government and Legal Resources


  • Abestweb.com: Affiliate Marketing Forum
  • Amazon: Yes, Amazon has forums too. Login to your profile, and click the Community Discussions link in the “More to Explore” section at the bottom of the page.
  • Better Networker: for anything regaring MLM, Direct Sales, and Network Marketing
  • HomeBusinessOnline.com: For home based business professionals
  • RichDad.com: Discussions on building wealth and money
  • Scam.com: Learn about scams!
  • Talkfreelance.com: For freelancers of any kind
  • WAHM.com: for Work at Home Moms
  • Warrior Forum: The place to go for Internet Marketing discussions
  • WhyDoWork.com: Talking about non-traditional sources of income
  • WorkfromHomeBoard: Exploring work at home options
  • Worldwideworkathome.com: Work at home disccussions