Pre-School nicknames

Yeah, believe it or not, I do go by “Buzzy”

I’ve been asked many times over…sure its a nickname, but I do answer to it on a regular basis. I’m “Aunt Buzzy” to my niece and nephews, and to several spawnlings of friends. My family calls me Buzzy, more often than not, actually…except for my Dad. He has never called me Buzzy. I don’t think he ever will.

Many years ago, I was teaching pre-schoolers, and my given name, “Bethany” was a bit too complicated for Jerell, (one of my students) I told him to call me, “Bethie.” (A nickname that disappeared once “Buzzy” was born) This dear sweet boy, (all of 4 years old) couldn’t pernounce “th” so it came out, “Bezzy” which amalgamated into “Buzzy.”

Jerell, the one who dubbed the Queen, “Buzzy”

All the students started calling me Buzzy, the other teachers called me Buzzy, the parents called me Buzzy. I labeled all of my stuff “Buzzy,” especially my camera, so people were sure to know who it belonged to.

Once I left that arena, however, Buzzy disappeared into the skinned knees and pudding paintings of pre-school life.

Fast forward a couple years before I headed out on a camping trip with a former boyfriend…He turned to me and said, “Make sure you bring “Buzzy” along too, to take pictures.” I looked at him quizzically. He said, “Your camera, “Buzzy”…”

It had dawned on me that my camera still had a piece of masking tape, with “Buzzy” written in pre-school marker. I started laughing, and explained to him that no…I was Buzzy. Not my camera. This gave way to uproarious laughter. The man was giddy with joy…and from that point on,

Buzzy was reborn.

He came up with different variations of course, “Sweet Buzzy,” “Dreamy Buzzy,” and my favourite, “Super Buzzy.”

When I started “Queen of the Random Job” it seemed only natural that my alternate persona would be “Queen Buzzy”

Heck…my sister’s name is Furr…Buzzy doesn’t seem that odd to me…

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