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I began working with Bethany Mooradian almost 10 years ago, when she contacted my company about becoming a secret shopper. Little did I know at the time, that Bethany was not “just a shopper,” but an entrepreneur extraordinaire with an extremely high standard of excellence. In all of her endeavors, Bethany seeks to support and serve others, while making the best of every situation she encounters. Even under fire, Bethany maintains her composure, grace, enthusiasm and incredible sense of humor. In reading “Become a Mystery Shopper!” you will gain great insight into what it takes to be a sensational secret shopper. You will also have fun while you learn, as you experience through Bethany’s eyes what secret shopping is REALLY like. She has a humorous, engaging writing style, while providing accurate and practical information. This book will hold your attention, and you will refer back to it again and again throughout your mystery shopping career!
—Joyce Kirby, owner Shoptalk Service Evaluations (

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When I was looking to supplement my income, I turned to Bethany’s ‚Become a Mystery Shopper‛ program. Within days I was accepting and completing assignments like a pro. The information she provided was clear, concise, and really helped me avoid the pitfalls and scams. Bethany has also been an invaluable resource in helping me streamline my business practices. Her knowledge of all things Internet has propelled me to a level of success I never knew possible! Any time I have questions regarding scams, marketing and social media, she is the first on my list to contact. Actually, she is the only person I would trust in giving me the whole picture about home based jobs, Internet marketing, social media practices, and scams.
—Jen Davidson (Jen Davidson Photography)



Bethany helps make the daunting task of creating a Web “identity” a breeze! She is generous with her time and talents and has gently pulled me kicking and screaming into this new online world. I never would have/could have launched my website without her. She makes me feel that anything is possible! My experience with her has been nothing short of amazing. I’m glad that she is now part of my “team,” and I look forward to doing the next step in my promotional homework with her. I feel I have only just scratched the surface of her knowledge, and I can’t wait to see what is next!
—Sandy Anderson (



For the past five years, Bethany has helped my practice with all things marketing. She has polished up our website, outlined a marketing calendar, created marketing products, and has given us a much stronger Web presence.
She is professional, efficient, highly effective, has an understated depth of knowledge, and explains the information so anyone can understand and use the information. If you need help with any type of small business development and want to have a good time doing it, Bethany can make it happen.
—Dr. Bonnie Verhunce (



When my website needed a makeover, I called on Bethany to do the job. As soon as we began to outline the scope of the project, I found that her knowledge of Web best practices, honed from personal experience and research, is amazing. She not only followed my directions but took the initiative to add features that enhanced the marketing value. She’s energetic, creative, personable, a hard-working entrepreneur, and a top-notch professional.
—Lori Stephens, pNLP, CCP (



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Bethany is a good friend and mentor for me and my husband. Her wealth of knowledge and advice is drawn from her wide range of life experiences and business pursuits. She has a bounty to offer anyone from any walk of life. I have used her mystery shopping CD-ROM and materials to jumpstart my own mystery shopping pursuits, and the materials are not only clear and easy to follow but also humorous and entertaining. She presents the information sequentially and points out the possible pitfalls and scams to look for in the realm of mystery shopping. And the advice does not stop there – at any point, contact Bethany with any questions or concerns, and she will get back to you! This woman is successful, savvy, and most of all, sweet!
—Christine Kaputsky-Moore, Ian Tadashi-Moore (

I ordered Bethany Mooradian’s Mystery Shopping Training Program a few months ago and it was the best investment I could have made. Bethany explains in detail how to get assignments, how write a report, and provides a list of legitimate companies to work for. Bethany’s training program book is my bible! She is always there long after me buying the program to help and answer any questions I have. Mystery shopping is a great part time job and Bethany did an excellent job creating this training program. I highly recommend it!
—DS in Michigan

Bethany is extremely knowledgeable about mystery shopping and similar employment opportunities. Her presentation was enthusiastic and realistic. I especially appreciated the book she provided with listings of real companies to get started with. She obviously enjoys sharing her experience and knowledge, and anyone would benefit from her classes.
—Anonymous student review through Canton Adult Education

Bethany makes working from home and Mystery Shopping sound like a real adventure! Her energy and enthusiasm throughout our class was contagious. I was really impressed with the book provided. It was comprehensive and laid out in a very organized manner. The class was well worth its value, and had much more information than I was expecting.
—Anonymous student review from Farmington Community Education

I really enjoyed Bethany’s presentation! The information was comprehensive, well organized and thought out. Bethany was easy to follow and constantly asked if we had questions, making sure we all understood each concept before moving onto the next subject. She was amazingly knowledgeable and gave us numerous resources to pursue after class. I am highly impressed with her professionalism and was amazed that an adult education class could be so outstanding. She belongs on the lecture circuit!
—Anonymous student review through Dearborn Adult Education

Bethany exceeded my expectations and gave me all the information I wanted and more. I took both her mystery shopping and work from home classes and feel totally prepared to get started. The information she provided about scams alone was worth the price of admission! She was clear, concise, enthusiastic, engaging, personable, professional, and was genuine in her interaction. The books she provided were well organized, and I can’t wait to get started!
—Anonymous student review through Shoreline Community College

Bethany did a fabulous job of introducing us to mystery shopping! I had no idea it could be so involved and so much FUN. I can hardly wait to get started. Her genuine enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject was contagious. I look forward to learning more about other ways to make extra income in the future.
—Anonymous student review through Troy Continuing Education

I recently was laid off from GM, and started cleaning out the house, looking for things to sell. I stumbled upon your Mystery Shopping program that I purchased a few years ago. The information was so easy to read, and well laid out, that I could just jump right into Mystery Shopping without hesitation. I knew where to get started, and what to avoid. Although I haven’t been able to replace my income as a machinist, (I wasn’t really expecting to) Mystery Shopping has gotten me through these hard times, helped me to feed my kids and give me a bit of hope. I know you probably don’t remember me, but I wanted you to know that I remember you, and I’m so thankful that you took the time to help people like me find a way to make some extra money.
—Anonymous student from Royal Oak Community Education

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“I just wanted to say how nice it is to se a site like yours that does nothing but want to guide people the right way. So many times i goon the net and all i find is voltures trying to gain off of people who are un-educated in this subject of self employment. Its very pleasing to know that theres a queen out there like you that wants to help rather then be apart of the problem. Thank you so much for the good knowledge you share, because it really helps people out there, … So i don’t know whose reading this, but if its not the queen then please just tell her that she received an e-mail saying how much he cares for your kindness…. sincerely,,,,, zaniel”

“Just wanted to tell ya i love the site! Its nice to see there are people out there who are not interested in living in mundania!”


“This site is good! I can’t even get through it in one sitting there is so much information. For now, I’m waiting on the baby to come. But after I get it settled into its world I’ll be looking for a new direction in life. I will certainly start here. Thanks so much.”

“Thank you SO MUCH for this sight! I can’t tell you how many other sights I’ve been looking at, and all it seems to be are adds all over the place. Everyone wants me to buy something and it’s SO NICE that you give us all this infomration for free. THANK YOU! Jessica”

“I think I’ve read every single page of your website, and I’m so overwhelmed! But, in a good way!!!! I’m ready to start re-reading, and I know I’ll get even more the next time thru.”

“I just took your class on Mystery Shopping, and I couldn’t believe all the information you gave there…now, after looking through this site, I’m doubly…no, triplely…no, quadruplely impressed! You have a fan for life! -Carol, Farmington Hills”

“Thank you so much for not settling for a “real job” and helping all of us out there find a better way”