Interested in joining the ranks of the Entrepreneurs?  Want to create passive income from your own home-based business? Great!  Did you know that small business owners are the backbone of the economy? It’s true. Those mega-corporations don’t have anything on the “Ma and Pa” establishments.Whether you want to start your own eBay business, or are looking at doing MLM or Direct Sales, there are many things you need to consider.  Here are some articles to get you started.

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Work at Home FAQs

Getting Started:
What’s so wrong with getting a job?
The difference between work at home jobs and work at home opportunities
Should you be self-employed?
You need to stop reading and start doing
Doing what you love
Independent work vs. creating wealth
Plan your business before it begins
Seven reasons why businesses fail
The three most lucrative genres
Online vs Offline businesses
Ten habits of leaders
The main thing you need to start a business
What offline business is right for you?
Five tips to manage the time crunch
Seven ways to make money online
Organization tips for the Self Employed
Creating a business is like building a house

Legal Issues:
Destination Based Sales Tax
Should kids pay taxes on a lemonade stand?
Tax tips for the self-employed

MLM, Direct Sales, Network Marketing:
Don’t fall for a bad business opportunity
Why I love MLM and Direct Sales
Who are the people in your neighborhood?
Getting rid of the dead weight

Sales and Marketing:
You do not belong in your sales presentation
Dino Perris must have failed Marketing 101
The necessity of follow-up
Creating a mailing list of gold
Forum and signature links
Six business card essentials
My hairdresser hates me
I feel sorry for Mabeline’s Online Marketing department
Five Quick Tips to promote your event
Twenty promotion tips
Overcoming shyness

Social Media:
Are you sure you want to follow me on Twitter?
Why I will not advertise my business on Facebook 

Website and Internet basics:
The basics of getting a website
Getting a website: separate companies for separate services
Golden rules of web designs
What every website needs to look professional
Meta tag basics
Search engine optimization
Opening of Internet Domains

Cultivating the right mindset:
Reasons why we work from home
“I have never had a traditional job longer than nine months”
What’s your “why?”
Five jobs everyone should experience
Getting in shape with a walking workstation
Top 10 worse uses of your time
You will live a horrible life and die a horrible death if you work for “the man”
The brilliance of drug addicts
Five ways to work at home and not go insane
Wholesome health
My mom makes me proud
16 rules to live by

An economics lesson from Archie Comics
11 Things money can’t buy
Socially responsible investing
Is real estate still a good investment?
More to life than money
Six quick tips to manage your money
Bartering instead of buying
Twelve tried and true money wasters