Organizing mystery shopping assignments

Dear Buzzy,

I am now signed on with 15 companies, and I’m feeling SO overwhelmed with keeping everything together. How on earth do you manage?

-Dazed Diana

Colorful binders

Image courtesy of and Stuart Miles

Don’t worry Diana, you too can become a type-A, organized shopping machine. I actually have a pretty simple system that I’ve honed over the years:

1) File folders for each company with IC agreement, and any experience that was particularly good or bad.

2) File folder for payment stubs (I keep them all together…easier for tax time)

3) Spreadsheet that has the following information:

a) company name
b) scheduler name
c) location to shop
d) target (if any)
e) payment amount
f) date due
g) date done
h) expenses (mileage, etc)
i) date paid
j) confirmation number

4) Dry-erase board with writable magnets. I have a calendar on the dry-erase board, and I write the assignment on the magnets. If I have to re-schedule the assignment, I just move it to a different day. It’s much easier than erasing from a day planner. Some people, of course have a digital organizer, but I’m just not that hip!

If I have to keep any supplemental materials, (business cards, etc) I leave them in the company folder. Every 4 months I clean those out, and the spreadsheet allows me an easy view for tax time.

I hope this helps!

Good luck, and happy shopping!


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