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Dear Queen Buzzy,

I hated English class in high school, and don’t think I can write that well. How on earth can I improve my writing so I can get more assignments?

-Hemmingway I’m Not

Don’t worry…Mystery Shopping companies are not looking for the next great American novel for their reports. Stick to the facts, expand when requested, and ask for feedback! Companies love shoppers who take pride in their work, and will be happy to give you a helping hand. After all, when you improve, then their clients are happy! And you might just get more work!

But, for the basics, keep these in mind:

1) Never reuse an old form. I know it may seem like you’re saying the same thing over and over again, but make sure you use a clean form every time.

2) Don’t compare your assignment with one you did before. They want to know about THIS assignment, not the other one.

3) Don’t compare your location with the competition. They don’t care that another grocery store has a better deal on ground beef this week.

4) Don’t falsify your forms. EVER. Most stores have security cameras now, and they can verify the information you provide.

5) Check your spelling. Most online assignment programs have a spell check. If they don’t, just copy and paste into your word program and make sure it’s right.

6) Keep your opinions to yourself, (unless specifically asked, “what did you think?”) and report only on the facts.

7), and are great resources to find words that will help you say the same thing in new and exciting ways.

8) Don’t use the word “nice”…it means nothing.

I also have sample reports available in my  Mystery Shopper Training Program which can give you an overview on detailed report-writing.

Just remember that in time you’ll figure out each company’s style and requirements. Writing well is just like any other skill, you’ll need to practice it to perfect it!

Good luck, and happy shopping!


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