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Bethany has been shopping since 1999 and has conducted thousands of shops for hundreds of companies. Read through these articles for suggestions and support on getting started.  Want more?  Get the  Mystery Shopper Training Program available for immediate download or through Amazon.com

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Mystery Shopping FAQ

Giving out your Social Security Number

Do Mystery Shoppers need an EIN?

Who shops Walt Disney World Cruise Lines?

Is Shadow Shopper a scam?

Is this a real job or a scam: Mystery Shopper edition

How do I know if it’s a real mystery shopping company or a scam?

What about bait and switch?

What is a financial shop?

What is an apartment shop?

Six apartment shops in one day

What is a retail shop?

Do I have to buy something?

Why can’t I get a Gift Certificate?

What is a reward/revealing shop?

Compliance issues for Mystery Shopping

Paying cash for a high-end return shop

Is this assignment worth my time?

Other types of Market Research

Dealing with companies:
Why are they asking for my email password?

Can I tell my friends I’m a Mystery Shopper?

Will companies still call me if I ignore their emails?

Mystery Shopping while on vacation

Do I need a separate email address?

What if the employee hits on you?

Letting a bad company go

Can I bring the kids with me?

Tools and Tips:

Organizing assignments

Writing tips for Mystery Shopping

Memory Tricks

Cheap tools to make your life easier