Mystery Shopping compliance issues

Hello Queen Buzzy!

What are “Compliance Issues?” I’ve heard the term, but I can’t figure out what they are!

-Compliance Crazy Carrie

Gavel and Book of Law

Image courtesy of and Nirots

Hi Carrie,

Compliance Issue shops are those that deal making sure businesses are compliant with the law or store policies.  Mostly you’ll see these in cigarette and liquor purchases.

People who are underage are needed to go into stores and try and buy cigarettes and alcohol to make sure they get carded.  Sometimes over-age adults who look young are asked to go in and make purchases to see if they get carded at all.

Sometimes, stores just want to be sure that their employees are giving back correct change, so shoppers are hired to pay with cash and to see if they get a receipt.

These types of assignments are just a type of safety check to make sure that all of the employees are acting in accordance with policies and laws. That’s all!
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