My Random Job: Underwater model

Granted, I have a lot of quirks…one that really gets my hackles all up in a bunch is getting my ears wet.  Yeah, I know, it’s weird.  I don’t like getting my ears wet, I don’t like putting my face underwater, not even in the shower.

Forget trying to get me to open my eyes underwater.  There’s just no way.

However, everyone has a price.  In 1998, mine apparently was $100.

A photographer found me on an artist website that I posted on regularly and wanted to use me as a model in a shoot.  She was doing the tarot, and like my photograph.  I’m cool with tarot, and was totally open to the idea.  The one catch, she said, was that the shoot took place underwater.

She already had the gowns, she had the pool picked out, it was in a beautiful location with stonework surrounding it (I think it was somewhere near a church or monastery if I remember correctly) and she had most of the models…She was considering me for a few different cards. It would take about 5 hours, and she would pay me $100.

It took me weeks to get the nerve. But, being the broke student I was at the time, I agreed and begrudgingly went to the shoot.

That was probably the most harrowing experience I have ever had, and I probably would not do it again. The pool was beyond freezing, and I had a very difficult time opening my eyes.  I did put earplugs in to help with my fear, but it made hearing direction and suggestions very hard.

The woman was able to get a few good shots, but unfortunately the copies I received were lost over time. Here’s something from a different shoot that was much easier to do. Me in pretty clothes…and dry…that’s the way it should be!

Geisha modeling shoot
Image courtesy of Wayne Rutledge
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