My Random Job: Standardized test scorer

Do you remember taking standardized tests in school?  I’m a horrible test taker.  I think I got something like a 20 on my ACT’s.  My mom wouldn’t even show me my SAT score thinking it would depress me too much. (My IQ is apparently in the high 160s, so go-figure.)  I remember the test-taking days with dread and sweaty palms.

Standardized test
Image courtesy of and Nongpimmy

Well, now you can be on the other end of that joyous rite of passage in our school systems.  Many of the tests are multiple choice and are scored by machine.  But, English and reading tests require thoughtful answers, which need to be graded by humans, not machines.

You don’t need a background in education to get this type of work.  Just a degree and a willingness to sit through some mind-numbingly boring essays!  Working at a standardized test center I learned that you’ll be scoring papers from out-of-state, and they have several opportunities for work at various times throughout the year.

Just google “standardized test scoring” and your city, and see what companies come up.  Some are national, some are local, but if you contact them you could get yourself a consistent random job in the scoring industry.


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