My Random Job: Sexual Health Clinic Advisor

Red medical signs
Image courtesy of and Digital Art

While I was in college, I got the best job ever for a young college student: I worked as an advisor in the sexual health resource clinic.

I was only there for a few months, maybe five or so, but I learned SO much about sexual health, contraception, and everything that a parent would like to tell their kids, but just don’t.

Come on, what 18 year old wouldn’t want to get paid to play with condoms all day?

The job was really simple: I just had to man the front desk, restock brochures, assist in mailings, and direct people to the right resources, depending on their questions.

I actually credit that experience for giving me the best sexual education ever. I may have made only $4/hr, but everything that I learned was way more valuable.  Definitely more interesting than delivering pizzas between classes!

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