My Random Job: Phone book deliverer

Did you know it’s required by law for every residence to receive a phone book? Phone book delivery

I didn’t know that…until I worked as a phone book delivery person!

Yes, we know that you probably will just recycle them…or use them to squash really scary looking bugs.  But it’s the law, so who are we to argue?

This job really is as easy as it sounds.  You go to a warehouse location, and they give you a route to follow, (usually close to your neighborhood.) You then load up your car (trucks and minivans are most helpful with this work) and a bunch of yellow bags (to bag the books, of course) and then head out to deliver them.

You’re paid per route, and the faster you get the route done, the more routes you’re able to do. There are callers who verify that the books were received, so no chance of just dumping them and collecting your money…sorry!

The two phone book companies are The Phone Book and Yellow Book.  If you’re interested in this work, contact them to see when they’re starting their next round of deliveries.



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