My Random Job: Hotel Brochure Delivery

If you’ve ever stayed at a hotel or motel, you know that they have TONS of touristy brochures for their guests. In the Seattle area, there is a company called that goes one step further and offers business-card sized brochures of local attractions.

The cards are for restaurants, the space needle, tours, cruises, the aquarium and other local fun stuff to do. Many offer discounts or coupons for using the mini-brochure.

Since they were so popular, these brochures needed to be re-stocked on a bi-weekly basis, and I scored a gig driving around town to refill the display boxes.

Courier truck
Image courtesy of and Stuart Miles

It was an easy job. I went to the company storage locker to load up my truck, and then drove around to various locations…usually hotels, but some attractions too…to refill. The hard part about it was finding parking. I never relished the idea of paying for parking when I was only going to be at a location for less than 5 minutes.

I was paid as an Independent Contractor, so I was responsible for all of my gas. But at least the mileage was tax deductible, and I could work at any hour that I wanted.

Pocket Picks isn’t national, but you can always contact your local hotel and motel chains to see who delivers their brochures if you’re interested in this type of work. Call up the companies and see if they’re hiring! Believe me, it’s not a bad way to earn some extra cash.


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