My Random Job: Derby Belle

I’ve met a lot of really cool people through teaching my Mystery Shopping classes. One of whom, Clara, ran a marketing and PR agency.  Clara liked my outgoing personality and hired me to be a “Derby Belle” for an event she was promoting.

Derby Belles
Image courtesy of and Deb Spoons

The event was a fundraiser for people in the construction field to raise money for the passing of legislation.  (I don’t really remember the details.)  It was a “derby” night were people could bet on fake horse races, eat, drink and be merry.  All tickets sold, (and bets lost) would go to the funding of the cause.

My job was to travel around to various companies, before the event, in full Derby gear (complete with hat and parasol) to sell tickets.  The night of the event, I was to walk around, engage people, and be their lucky charm.  Essentially, I was a character actress for the night.

Even though earlier that day I had accidentally stabbed myself in the foot with a steak knife and had to hobble around on crutches, I had a blast flirting with all the construction men, and acting like, well, “Belle of the Ball.”

I was paid not only for that evening, but for all of the prior work that led up to it. Clara was a hoot to work for, and it was a great random job to help earn some extra money.

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