My Random Job: Artist in Residence, Taiwan

One of the cool things about having random jobs is that I’m never really tied to any one location, unless I want to be.  When an overseas opportunity arises, I have the freedom to take it.

In Taiwan, there is a great artist community called, “The Dream Community” which hosts foreign artists to come into schools and cities and teach art.   Many work towards an end event like a performance or parade.  I heard about them through the Fremont Solstice Parade message board, and decided to apply.

The Dream Community
Some of my kids at The Dream Community in Taiwan

I was quickly accepted into an elementary/middle school to teach them about fabricating large-scale puppets for a school parade.  My airfare and travel visa would be taken care of by the community; I would receive free housing, and a weekly stipend for food and incidentals.  In less than 4 weeks of hearing about the community, I was on a plane headed for Taiwan.

I simply cannot sum up my two-month experience in a singular blog post.  It was eye-opening, engaging, worthwhile, and completely frustrating all at the same time.  It’s wonderful to see that these types of opportunities are out there for artists, and I’m lucky to have been able to be apart of it. Check out Buzzy in Taiwan for an old blog that documents my experience.


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