My hairdresser hates me

My hairdresser hates me

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Seriously. My hairdresser hates me.

Ok, she says she doesn’t, but I know better. I only see her twice a year, and every time I see her, I want something different. Not like, “A little more off the top” different, more like, “let’s go with blue streaks this time” different. And it drives her crazy because I’m in the salon for 2+ hours and she has to work very hard to get me what I want.

Frankly, I think she could do more to prevent this.

You see, every time I pay and leave, the receptionist asks if I want to make an appointment for the next time…I always say no. I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow, much less 6-8 weeks from now, I can’t commit to a hair appointment…PLUS, it costs me $200+ each time I go in there…Even though I have the expendable cash, I generally allocate it to more urgent needs than hair care.

So, life goes on, and I don’t really think about my hair until about three months down the road. I start to notice that its getting a little ragged…the blue, (or purple, or blonde, or red, or…) streaks have grown out a bit, leaving me with lovely brown, (or grey, as the case may be) roots. I think, “Hmmm…I should go see Monique.” But, of course, this is put aside as other pressing matters come to the forefront.

About 1-2 months after I initially realize that I need a hair-cut, I actually make an appointment. I warn the receptionist that Monique will not be pleased, and to schedule ample time to get the procedure right.

Of course, Monique gives an evilly sarcastic stare once she sees me, and then sighs heavily. I reply with a cheesy, sheepish grin, and remember to over-over-tip.

But I wonder, why didn’t she contact me a few months ago? Aren’t I a client?

All of this could be avoided with a little reminder postcard.

Monique is in charge of her own business. She rents the chair in the salon and is responsible for not only taking walk-ins, but also creating her own clientele and business. If my darling hairdresser would mail out postcards two months after her clients visited, we’d probably remember her more. It’s not that I don’t want to keep up my ‘do, its just that life gets in the way.

I’m reminded of a story of one of the most successful car-salesman, who kept up his clientele, and received many referrals simply by sending out holiday cards. He sent out cards for every occasion, not just the typical birthday, holiday and New Year’s cards, oh no…he sent them out at least once a month for Groundhog’s day, St. Patty’s day, First Day of Fall and so on…He kept in constant contact with his customers, so that HE was the first one they thought of when buying a new car, and HE was the first one they thought of when their friends and family were thinking of buying a new car.

Follow-up…how simple. A small expense for such a large return.


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