Mini-Franchise Profile: For Your Pleasure CLOSED

Image Courtesy of Artur84 and

Image Courtesy of Artur84 and

For Your Pleasure (Adult and Romance Products) 


Want to Party for a Living?
Become and Independent Business Associate with FYP

Intimate Home Parties are the HOTTEST home parties today, empowering
Independent Business Associates (IBAs) to reach financial goals while
having fun and flexible schedules.

A new world of wonderful opportunites awaits you!

FYP offers great benefits

  • Earn up to 50% of retail sales
  • Additional bonuses on team sales
  • Company paid hostess program
  • High quality items
  • Supportive and ongoing training and assistance to help you build your business your way


This information was taken directly form the company’s website to avoid misrepresenting them in any way.

If you’re interested in running your own business, but want to cut down on the learning curve, consider running your own “mini-franchise” and check out our other
mini-franchise listings, and learn how to evaluate a business opportunity.

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