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Hi Queen Buzzy,

I’ve been Mystery Shopping for a few months now, and I love it!  You are right that it isn’t consistent though…and now that the Holidays are approaching, I was thinking about doing something else part-time just to help with buying gifts.  What would you recommend?

-Money Making Momma

Survey Scam

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Mystery Shopping, like I’ve been saying for years, isn’t consistent…but Merchandising is!  So you might want to try that out for awhile.  Merchandising is where you go into a store and do set-up/display work.  It’s nice because you might have several locations that you have to service over a period of time, so it’s not “grab and go” like Mystery Shopping.  You can get Merchandising work through some mystery shopping companies, through Merchandising companies, through temp agencies, and also jobs are listed in the “general help wanted” section of your local classifieds or on Craigslist.  These companies also generally have some listings for product demonstrators in stores too!

If merchandising doesn’t appeal to you, you might want to consider just trying various types of market research work to fill in the gaps of mystery shopping:

You can become a focus group participant and give your opinion on food, commercials, products or whatever else they think of.  Focus groups are even more random than mystery shopping, but at least when you get an assignment, you’re looking at a $50-$150 (and up) payment, as opposed to a $10-$30 payment.  So they can be quite lucrative.  You can call the local Market Research Section of your phone book or on Craigslist under “etc” to find companies that hold focus groups.

Exit Interviews (also known as surveys) can be something to earn some extra money as well.  Here, they’ll put you outside of a chain store where you’ll ask a few questions of people as they leave.  “How was your food?”  “Did you find everything that you were looking for?” etc.  You’ll either be required to be out there for a certain amount of time, or you have to collect a certain number of surveys.  You can get this work through the temp agencies, some mystery shopping companies, and some market research companies.

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Try them out…you never know what might appeal to you!

Good Luck and Happy Shopping!

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