Is Rexair (Rainbow) a Scam?

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Someone told me that you used to sell Rainbow Vacuums.  I’ve been thinking about doing it, is Rexair a scam?  Is it legitimate?  What was your experience?

-Rexair Ronnie

Hi Ronnie!

Yes, it’s true, I used to sell Rainbows.  Well, I sold Rainbow. You can read about my experience here.

Rainbow vacuum

Behold the beautiful water-trap Rainbow vacuum!

And no, they’re not a scam.  Rexair is the company that manufactures the Rainbow vacuum and they’ve been around since the 60’s or so.  They’re a Direct Sales company, which means you’ll be selling the Rainbow directly to customers, not retail outlets.

Because of this, Rainbows are hella expensive.  When I was working there, they were about $2000.  Now, I hear they’re around $3000!  You’ll only be allowed to do in-home demonstrations, and your marketing is severely restricted.  We actually went door to door to “register” people to win a free vacation. (hint: everyone won)  In order to claim the prize, the winner would then have to sit through a demonstration of the Rainbow.

Yep…marketing techniques from the 1960’s too!

In this current economy, it will be a challenge for you to be successful with Rainbow. Granted, I don’t know their current marketing guidelines, so they may have come into the 21st century.  But since the Internet is so prolific now, people can find used Rainbows fairly easily, so the incentive to buy new isn’t what it used to be.

There is no cost to get started, which is pretty rare with a Direct Sales company, but you’ll have a harder time convincing people to buy $3000 vacuums when they may be laid off at any moment.

I recommend that you look into some other Direct Sales companies for better commission structures, recession-friendly products, and more lenient marketing techniques.  If sales is your thing, then you shouldn’t have a problem finding a company you fit in with!

Good luck!


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Rexair (Rainbow) was started in 1939 


I have never sold Rainbow but I have looked at the plan and it is a pretty good one. I have owned Rainbows for over 15 years now and each new model that comes out just blows me away. I am considering opening a cleaning business and I will be buying a new system just for that and as I build a team of cleaning ppl, I will require that they also use the Rainbow but will have a plan in place to help them earn a free one or assistance in buyING one since they will be independent contractors under me. So from a buyer stanpoint with a little knowledge of the business side, I would say go for it but they are expensive so make sure that the potential customers you see are likely to be able to afford the system because you don't want to waste your time on ppl living paycheck to paycheck because while they will want one, if they are already struggling, you won't make the sales. All it takes are two customers to buy as long as they give you references and your business will soar. Mine is only 3 years old and I already want a new one