Is Global Information Network (GIN) a Scam?

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Several years ago, I attended a weekend retreat for entrepreneurs that included a seminar by Marshall Sylver, a known Las Vegas hypnotist and performer turned “wealth-builder”.

While I am impressed with Mr. Sylver’s rags to riches story, I was not impressed with his seminar offerings or their blatant appeal to materialism and greed.  I remember one audience member asking Marshall how he felt about spending money on unnecessary expenses like multiple homes, cars, jewelry, etc, when the economy was in the tank.  Marshall’s reply was that it was our duty to be rich so that we could buy things and stimulate the economy.  Nothing about donating, charity, teaching others (without $5,000 fees)…we were to BUY SHIT.

Yeah, I threw up a little in my mouth too.

Every now and again, I get mail from Mr. Sylver promoting some  seminar, retreat, or program that he declares will catapult me to success.  This is the latest installment:

A few months ago, I spoke at a seminar for a VERY exclusive member organization.

I was so impressed by the organization’s members and staff; I decided to join right there on the spot. The entire organization is filled with people learning how to have, be, or do anything. Members learn skills directly from millionaires and billionaires who act as their personal mentors.

This is by far the most effective wealth and success training I’ve ever seen. Members also get to attend seminars, workshops, and trainings by selling authors and speakers at no charge. Some events cover wealth-building, while the Law of Attraction, marketing, and many others. I’m already scheduled to conduct several of my own seminars for them called The Missing Piece to Making Millions.

There’s also a moneymaking component that pays out LARGE commissions to its affiliates. (Some affiliates have already collected seven-figure commissions.)

What’s also impressive is that this organization; not just anyone can join. You have to be invited by a current member like myself or you cannot get in.

So as my way of saying thanks for being of of my customers and students, I’m personally inviting you to join this exclusive organization’s leadership to cover your initiation fee with no strings attached. This is costly to me, so I’m only able to do this for a limited number of students.

You may have noticed that I enclosed a CD with this letter. I encourage you to take a few minutes and listen to it right away. It features an exclusive interview with one of the organization’s founders.  I’m also going to give you a special FREE GIFT (worth $5000), if you join by June 15th, 2011.  All of this is explained on the CD…(and it goes on to give contact information)

You’ll notice of course that nothing in this letter states the name of the organization, or the names of the impressive members…this is all a marketing trick to get you to listen to the CD.  Remember, Marshall is a hypnotist and has learned various cues to manipulate our senses through his voice and specific words he uses.  He is far more effective in person and through audio, than any letter he would send out.

So, I listened to the CD.

It’s set up as an interview format between Marshall Sylver (the ‘host’) and Kevin Trudeau.  The company that they’re pitching?  Global Information Network.

GIN’s claims are that they will put regular, ordinary people in contact with millionaires and billionaires who will mentor them.  The fees are $1000 to sign up and $150 per month.  But what are they selling?  In theory, knowledge from a secret membership-based organization.  And of course, they’re set up like an affiliate program so that you can recruit other people and earn commission. As an affiliate, you’ll earn $200 per sign-up. Which, I’m guessing, is why Marshall was pitching the company. He’s earning income from the people he signs up.

So is Global Information Network a scam? It’s hard to say when there is such a lack of transparency regarding the services/products you’d receive or sell. I haven’t seen anything positive out there on the interwebs, and instead found some compelling information about the founder, Kevin Trudeau an American author, radio personality, infomercial salesman, and convicted felon.

Is there really anything else you need to know?


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