Internet Surveys: Real or Scam?

Survey Scam

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Dear Buzzzzzy,

I’ve seen a ton of websites that claim I can make money doing Internet surveys. Have you done these? Can you make money or is it all just a scam?

-Survey Sam

Hi Sam,

You can make money with Internet Surveys, but, not a lot.  Most companies work on a ‘point’ system, where you need to redeem a certain number of points (by filling out surveys) which you then can convert into cash.  They’ll set your check limit at $50-$100, because they’re not going to send you checks for every little survey you do.  It will take TIME to get enough surveys under your belt to receive a check.  I think it took me about nine months to get $50 from Global Test Market.  Yeah, that’s a long time, but when the check arrived, you can believe that I happily cashed it!

Scammers come into play when they stop sending you surveys once you get close to your payment threshold. Also, you want to be wary of those “Receive a Free Wal-Mart gift card” offers just for doing surveys. They require too much from you, and rarely ever deliver what they promise.

When doing online market research, you want to stick to tried and true market research companies…not advertisers that offer you something for a quick survey.

Good luck!


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