I’m ready to get started in Mystery Shopping!

Below is a dramatization of emails I receive on nearly a daily basis:

Dear Buzzy,

I took your Mystery Shopping class a few years (days/weeks/etc) ago, and I feel that NOW I’m ready to get started…can you help me out?”

-Hopeful Shopper

Okay folks, here’s the deal…you already have all the information you need in your handy dandy little textbook from the class you took through community ed!

Mystery Shopping really isn’t that complicated. You find the companies, you fill out the applications, and either they’ll contact you when shops become available, or you have to be proactive and search the message boards to find assignments. It’s not that great of a “mystery.”

Yes, it will be slow when you first start out. Schedulers need to get to know you, your writing style and your commitment level. But there really isn’t too much more that I can tell you that you don’t already have in your book! So, sit down with a great cup of coffee, (or tea, if you prefer) and just re-read everything. When you feel like you’re ready, start with the companies in the back of the book and apply!

But Buzzy, it’s been so long since I took the class. My book was lost/stolen/eaten by the hamster/burned in effigy…what do I do now? Can I get another one?

What? You lost your book? Well, no wonder you’ve had problems getting started! If you have lost your book, you have a couple of options:

1) Google “Mystery Shopping” and sign up with the companies that appear in the listings. Remember, no real mystery shopping company will ever charge you for the joy and privilege of working for them.

2) Attend another class…if it’s been awhile, I assure you I have updated information (the same cheesy jokes though) and you’ll get a lot out of it. Visit my classes page to see upcoming classes in the Seattle area.

3) If you’re not in Seattle, then consider getting the Mystery Shopper Training Program. It’s a little less than the cost as the class, but you’ll get an interactive CD Rom (or downloadable video) that you can watch again and again!

I hope all of these options answer your questions, and help you get started in Mystery Shopping!

Good Luck, and Happy Shopping!



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