“I Have Never Held a Traditional Job Longer than nine Months”

“I have never held a traditional job longer than 9 months.  And even that job, working at Barnes n’ Noble, was split: 5 months in the Detroit area, one month off and then 4 months in Seattle…”

So begins the introduction to my Work at Home classes. It wasn’t until I fully embraced being “Queen of the Random Job” and accepted this bizarre life of mine that it really became a badge of honor.  I was raised in a very traditional middle class home with a mother who was a teacher for over 30 years, and a father who was a newspaper editor for over 40.  Getting a normal, steady, secure job was just expected. Even though I never knew what that job would be.

My sister and grandpa

My sister and our Grandpa, licking peanut butter frosting off of the mixer beaters

And then, in 1996, my 91-year-old grandfather passed away. I was 20, working and going to college in Detroit, and preparing to move across the country to Seattle. My sister was 23 and living in Memphis. His death had a significant impact on us both, and I remember how heartbroken my sister was, dissolving into tears because she couldn’t get time off of work to go to the funeral. The job she had wasn’t on a career path, it was a bookseller position at a regional chain, and I told her I thought she should quit. She said she simply couldn’t. Jobs were hard to come by, and she was barely making ends meet as it was. I know it was a difficult decision for her, and while I supported her, it was hard for me to understand.

That moment had a profound effect on me. I vowed to never be in a position where a company held so much power over my life. If I was working, I wanted it to be flexible. I wanted to be able to take time off when I needed to, travel when I wanted to, and have the knowledge that no matter what, I was living a life that I created on my terms, rather than by someone else’s schedule.

Of course, it is never as easy as it sounds. There have been times where I have wondered where my next paycheck was coming from, when I have been scammed out of significant money because I didn’t see (or want to see) the signs, and when I just wanted to give up because the learning curve was so steep.

But I love my life. I love teaching others how to change their mindset when it comes to money and earning income.  I love the flexibility that I have, the security knowing that I can always find work no matter where I am, and the knowledge that as long as I continue to learn and grow, my skills and talents will always be in demand.

My life and my freedom will always be more important than a steady paycheck.


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