Guest Post: Social Media for Entrepreneurs-Finding the Right “Fit” Part 2

In our last guest post: Social Media for Entrepreneurs: Finding the Right Fit, Adrienne explained the differences for using Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus in your business. This time around, Adrienne tackles three more big players in the social media front: Pintrest, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Watch the video below to get an idea of how much social media is changing our lives and businesses. 


One of the newest platforms, Pinterest showcases work and helps develop a digital brand when it comes to selling products. While this social media website tends to engage more females (the primary categories/trends are weddings, décor, food, and fashion), it’s still one of the only outlets that have a large number of users purchasing directly through the site, thus, generating more converting traffic than Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube. Since photos are dominant, this medium is ideal for posting aesthetically pleasing products and services.


Commonly known for building business relationships, many users create accounts on LinkedIn in order to network with others in a similar field and stay current on industry trends. Unlike conversations on most social-networking sites, the tone is more formal. However, this platform is ideal for businesses looking to network and engage in industry in a professional environment. Here, it’s easy to develop a specialized niche, build relationships, and engage in research opportunities. You might even be able to find your next star employee!


An unlikely platform, YouTube is gaining popularity with its Partner Program. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of their highly successful ads to drive conversions and get their product in front of new audiences. Basically, individuals creating videos can earn money through shared advertising that appears next to or within their most popular videos. In turn, businesses (“partners”) use this advertising to drive sales. According to YouTube, running ads in this space can give your business an exposure of up to 3 billion impressions per week, which is a 50% increase since just last summer. To demonstrate its popularity, approximately 15,000 partners participate. The best feature? There are great targeting tools that allow you to get your ads in front of exactly the right audience.

Your local SEO agency can help you fit into the best aesthetic and quality niche unique to your business, but sometimes you can do the legwork on your own. Try out one (or several) of these six great social networks today!

Adrienne is a freelance writer and social media marketer who loves sharing tips and tricks about the industry. If you’re looking for more of her work, look no further than Twitter, where she tweets under the name @adrienneerin on a semi-regular basis.

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