Guest Post: Social Media for Entrepreneurs- Finding the Right “Fit” Part 1

Social Media for Entrepreneurs

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Today’s guest post is the first part of a two-part series addressing social media platforms for entrepreneurs by Adrienne. 

Discovering the perfect outfit to make a first impression for say, a dinner party, is much like finding a social media outlet that uniquely defines an entrepreneur and their business. It just so happens that social media is the fastest and most flattering way to display products and services online. Since time is of the essence for entrepreneurs, it is important to find the perfect marketing strategy that draws in business and showcases a loyal customer base.

Here are some of the most bustling social media outlets and the characteristics that make them great candidates to provide your startup or small business with a successful social platform.


Facebook has taken the world by storm, boasting over a billion active users to date. Facebook allows users to connect to people, groups and businesses around the globe. From an entrepreneur’s perspective, this social media site can present an industry with many opportunities to display their content in a variety of different ways. Its interface creates an informal atmosphere to share photos, promotions, and events to generate more clicks. With the ease in navigation, users will feel closer to their business and can personally interact through comments and threaded conversations. Also, there is no real length limit on posts, so there is more opportunity to provide users with detailed and eye-popping content. With specific privacy options, this medium allows entrepreneurs to truly create a unique experience for users. One small disadvantage is the user must like the business in order to view any updates, which can limit exposure, but if you’re prepared to shell out a little money for their social ads, this won’t be a huge problem.


Geared toward the entertainment and media world, Twitter provides short but sweet interactions. The language is urgent, yet remains informal and engaging, but limits the number of characters allowed in each tweet. Its simplicity allows businesses to provide interesting content, promotions and offers to a more open communication between entrepreneur and user. One of its greatest features is the ability to tweet current events and news that is constantly up to date and relevant. Added video and images complement its interface nicely. Additionally, its easy “click here” functionality can help a business increase the number of clicks and total exposure.


A new breakthrough in internet platforms, Google+ has created a truly customizable experience. The ability to segment audiences by creating different circles helps entrepreneurs develop unique personal relationships and share valuable content with the right parts of their audience. For example, someone that designs handbags can generate a circle for customers, one for potential clients, one for other designers, and even another for employees. Specifically, the “Hangout” feature allows entrepreneurs to participate in video chatting to hold meetings online or provide customer assistance. “Sparks,” another added perk, helps users find content and remain current in news and trends. Finally, “+1” assists in collecting your favorite links, blogs and news and recommending it to your audience.

Click here for Part 2, which covers Pintrest, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Adrienne is a freelance writer and social media marketer who loves sharing tips and tricks about the industry. If you’re looking for more of her work, look no further than Twitter, where she tweets under the name @adrienneerin on a semi-regular basis.

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