Follow up: Analyzing my Capital One Credit Card debt

Awhile ago, I wrote about analyzing my Capital One credit card debt. I had carried a balance for several years and broke down what that $2300 balance was actually for. It shocked me (kinda pissed me off, actually) to learn that $653.06 was for interest.

I made it a goal to pay off $653.06 in a month.

Of course, life got in the way and I forgot about that post until recently. My Capital One debt has long been paid off, but I was wondering…could I make an extra $653.06 in a month and complete that challenge?

I didn’t have a lot of extra time to pick up work, so I started by looking around my house to see what I could sell. I live in a tiny little house, so clearing it out seemed like a good idea. The first to go was my dining room table. I LOVED this table, but it wasn’t really practical for my space. Also, because it was a custom-crafted library table, it was a little higher than a standard table, and I could never find the right chairs for it. So, up it went on Craigslist for $100. Woot! Of course, now this meant that I was without a dining room table, but considering I rarely ate at home, I wasn’t too phased about it.


Total: $100

Keeping with the theme of clearing out my tiny living room was getting rid of my fugly love seat. This piece was from the 1960’s in all it’s orange glory. I had bought it with the purpose of recovering it in dark blue velvety-suede, but never got around to it. After having a long and hard conversation with myself, I decided that it needed to go on Craigslist as well. *poof* another $30! (and I actually started having room to move in my living room!)

Isn't it the most hideously beautiful thing you've ever seen?

Isn’t it the most hideously beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?

Total: $130

The opportunity came to do a $50 apartment mystery shop, so I took that right quick. I wouldn’t get paid until the 5th of next month, but at least I knew the money was on the way.

Total: $180

Being that I live in Seattle, I have numerous friends and colleagues who give me Starbucks gift cards for any reason really. The only problem is…I don’t drink coffee. I figured I’d use them at some point, (or re-gift as necessary) but while I used many, I never really got through all of them. Turned out, I had over $90 worth of credit! I went online to see where I could sell them, (there are a number of possibilities) but I ended up finding someone on Craigslist who bought them all for $70. Not a bad chunk of change!

Total: $250

While cleaning out the house and rearranging furniture, I found a ton of old astrology postcards that I used to sell at my shop in Detroit. These weren’t just Zodiac and Chinese astrology, they ran the gamut: Indian, Aztec, African, and Egyptian as well. I scanned them all, and put them on Etsy. Within about a month, I made $42.42! (after fees deducted) And yes, I still have some for sale!

Still available for sale! (They're out of now!)

(They’re out of print…buy now!)

Total: $292.42

I also found two folding tables (the sturdy plastic kind) under my bed. I decided to keep one, and sold the other one on Craigslist for $20.

Total: $312.42

But of course, the motherload came when I put stuff on eBay. For most of these things I tried Craigslist first, but when they didn’t sell after a week, I decided to give eBay a go. (Oh, except the file cabinet…I sold that on Craigslist for $20.) I don’t really have a lot of random stuff around the house, so I made do with what I had. There was a tent that I hadn’t used in years, a tablet that I never could figure out how to work, some instructional videos on hula hooping, (that’s right…I hoop!) a wii-fit game that I have no idea how I got, a Soul Coughing LP, some business books, and my music. I took all the CDs that I had, grouped them into genres and put them out there for the world to see. The result? By selling all this stuff, I made (after fees and shipping,) $354.95!


Total: $667.37!

Surpassing my original goal by $14.31.

I was quite surprised that I was able to get this much from random stuff lying around my house. I’m not really a collector of anything, and it blew my mind that people would pay for stuff, like, oh, one DVD. Or one LP of a not-really-famous-but-pretty-cool-band. Nothing that I sold had any great value, but when you add it all up, it got me to my goal!

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