Focus on the positive in 5 easy steps

Focus on the Positive

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Have you ever noticed how people who are negative attract negative forces to their lives? I’m sure you’ve met a few people who have had nothing but problems…they just can’t get a break. The whole world is out to get them, and only if they had a better job, better home, better neighborhood, better spouse, better kids, better life…everything would be just fine.

Conversely, there are those people who have nothing but good luck. Everything seems to come easy to them. They have a great life, and have wonderful friends.

Why the difference?

In my opinion, it’s all in attitude. We attract that which we put out. In all honesty, would you want to be around someone who is constantly complaining about their lives? Someone who has a million and five excuses for everything that they do, or don’t do? I’d be very surprised if you said yes.

If you were an employer, would you promote this “gloom cookie?” If you were a friend or relation, would you want to be around them?

On the other hand, a positive person will always attract people to them. They are the ones who, even if there are problems, can figure out solutions without diving deep into despair. One of the best things my mother taught me was, “There is always a way.” And positive people know this, so there’s no reason to get your nose bent out of whack.

If you are a generally negative person, how can you create the attraction that seems to come so easily to others?

First, examine the negativity in your own life. Are you reflecting what you see, or do you create your own?

Second, when these negative forces come to light, acknowledge that you are being negative. We all get angry, tired, and upset, the key is not to let it manifest in your psyche. I have a 5 minute rule. If I get annoyed for any reason, I’ll let myself stew for no longer than 5 minutes. I get out all the emotions, and then deal with the situation in a rational manner. It sounds crazy, but it works.

Third, surround yourself with positive people and influences. Read a lot of those lovely cheesy self-help books. I call them cheesy, just because most people view it in that light, but I do find many of them endearing and helpful. Even if they just reinforce what I have already learned.

Fourth, keep a diary of things that you are grateful for. You may get upset that you need a new transmission on your car, and you don’t have the funds for it, but you can still acknowledge the fact that you’re a resourceful person, and can handle any situation. Whenever anything good and out of the ordinary comes into my life, I write it down on a piece of paper and put it in my “good things” jar. Every now and again, I’ll start reading through them to remind myself of the small fun things that come into my life.

Fifth, practice practice practice. Nothing new comes easily. Once you start practicing the art of being positive you will surely notice a change. And if you don’t, just keep trying, eventually opportunity and abundance will automatically be attracted to you.

As a bonus thought, turn off the TV and news. Unfortunately in our society, drama and tragedy sells. These negative influences manifest in our subconscious. Cut them out…try it for a week, and you’ll notice the difference…plus you’ll have all that extra time to be with your family and friends!

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