Five Jobs Everyone Should Experience

5 Jobs everyone should have

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It is my opinion that frankly, jobs stink. No one should have to rely on someone else’s business to make income. Time and time again, pensions are cut, salaries wane, and layoffs are imminent. Ideally, we’d all be self-employed, creating our own wealth. From a monetary standpoint, that is how I feel. However, I do believe that there are certain jobs that people should experience, because, as a whole, we might just be a little more compassionate towards one another.

Following the advice, “Work to Learn, Not to Earn,” these jobs will give lessons way beyond a paycheck:

1) Daycare worker: I believe it should be a requirement of all middle and high schools to have their students work in a daycare environment. I think the teenage birth-rate would go waaaaaaaaay down. Sure babies are cute and cuddly, but it truly is an experience when you have a dozen four-year-olds screaming at the top of their lungs because they’re tired. I worked in the pre-school and daycare environment on and off for 15 years. I learned excellent communication skills, (yeah, you try and reason with a two-year-old!) received expertise on how to (and how NOT to) raise my own kids, patience beyond belief, and most importantly, this made me realize that raising kids was work, no matter how fun it could be.

2) Elderly/Disabled Caregiver: I generally am a compassionate person, but working with a woman that had Dementia really made me examine how our culture views the elderly and disabled. So many times I see people driving in haste, swearing at elderly people who are going a bit slow. At one point, (fate willing) we will make it to an old age as well, and I think these types of jobs are very important in seeing the effects of how the human body deteriorates, or doesn’t function in a manner that we’re used to.

3) Restaurant Server: Did you know that many states don’t pay waiters and waitresses minimum wage? For example, in Michigan, servers get a whopping $2.62 an hour! They factor in the rate of tips as part of their salary. Have you ever spent 8+ hours a day on your feet running around trying to please people? Think about that, the next time you want to skip on a tip.

4) Telemarketer: You know who you are. You’re rude to someone on the phone just because you can’t see them face to face. I’ll admit that I’ve done it as well, but it’s a different experience, when you’re on the other end, trying to make a contact. While many people are on the “do not call” list for solicitors, it is still common for businesses to follow up by phone with their customers. Telemarketing isn’t just for sales, it’s also for setting appointments, follow up phone calls, and surveys. I tried telemarketing briefly, just trying to set appointments, and it really opened my eyes on to how rudely we treat each other.

5) Anything in Sales: Negotiating skills are needed in everything. Not just in business, but even to persuade your spouse or kids to do something they might have resistance to. People generally have distaste towards salesmen, and the lessons learned through any job are highly beneficial to gain confidence, self-esteem and learn the art of persuasion. Should you ever go into business for yourself, you’ll need these skills to sell your products and services. If you wish to work for someone else and are ever up for a promotion, you’ll need to persuade your boss into choosing you. Everyone should try sales at least once. There are hundreds of Direct Sales companies from Avon to Tupperware to those selling telephone or legal services. Get your feet wet and let the education begin!


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