Eleven things money can’t buy

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My business goes through periods of great and, well, not-so-great cash-flow.  In other words: I never know from month to month how much money I’m going to make. It’s the pain of living the life as “Queen of the Random Job.”  Sure, I’d love to have more stability, and I’m assuming its coming, but sometimes I forget all of the other wonderful things I have that don’t cost a cent.

Health~ I have been blessed with great health, and a wonderful family that does not suffer from chronic ailments or disease.  Many family members have lived well into their 90’s and have maintained their faculties and, well, spit-fireness.

Purpose~ Sometimes I’m asked why I keep this website going…why I write my books, hold presentations and seminars, when many times the daily chaos can wear me down. Frankly, it’s because I can’t imagine NOT doing it!  Even if I was to win the lottery tomorrow, my mind doesn’t go to dream vacations, big houses or fancy cars. I always think about my family first (naturally) and how I can reach and teach more people.  It’s a higher calling that I don’t quite understand…it frustrates me many times…but I could never give it up.  I wouldn’t be ‘me’ without it.

Creativity, Street-Smarts, Resourcefulness~ I call these my “invisible assets.”  I am an idea person, and I know how to get the answers that I need.  My art knows no bounds, and while it’s on the shelf for the time being, I rely on my right-brain often for problem-solving and analyzing different vantage points.

Friends, Family, Business Associates, and Love~ People who truly love you will stick by you no matter if you’re filthy rich or eating day old Ramen for dinner.

Sense of Humor~ Being a small business owner, you have to laugh loud and often.  If you don’t know why…go out and get a corporate job, you’ll fit right in there.

Compassion, Empathy, Patience, Generosity~ Money can not offer these things…only mindsets.

Integrity, Good Character~ I view integrity as what you do when no one else is looking. Remaining true to your core values in spite of what happens around you.

Wisdom and Learning~ Sure, money can fund an education, but it can’t give you the real-world experience of failures and successes. Wisdom comes from identifying and avoiding the patterns of previous mistakes that you and others make.

Courage, Self-Esteem~ Sometimes I feel like these go hand in hand.  The more self-esteem I’m feelin’, the more courageous I become!  If I’m not feeling too good about myself, well, then it’s probably time to get out there and take some risks.

Spiritual Fulfillment and Gratitude~ No matter my situation, everyday I feel blessed to have the people in my life that I do, to have the knowledge that I have accumulated, and the ability to share it with others.  My life has been a wild ride so far, and I can’t imaging that the things I have been through and learned along the way would have happened if not to share with others.

Time~ Life is what you make it…make it worth living!


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