Don’t pay cash for a high-end return shop

Paying cash

Image courtesy of and David Castillo Dominici

I had an interesting experience the other day when doing a purchase and return mystery shop at a high-end shoe store.

My job was to go in and purchase shoes around $200, and then return them the next day.  Because I try to stay away from credit cards as much as possible, I paid cash.  This particular store prides itself on customer service, and had me fill out customer paperwork when I made the purchase.  I gave my real first name, but a fake last name, as I’m always paranoid that people will google me and discover I’m a shopper.

When I returned the next day, the store did not have enough cash in their till to refund me the $200.  So, they had to put it on my debit card.  This of course made me a bit wary, as I used a different last name.  They didn’t notice, however, (Luckily they just swiped the card and didn’t bother to look at it closely) and so no issues arose.  Of course, I could have always used the story that I had just gotten married and didn’t change my name, or whatever…the joy of being a girl…but it also made me think.

And so, I offer this warning to you folks out there: if you have to do a high-end purchase and return shop, keep in mind that when paying cash, they may not have enough to refund you the next day!


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