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I’ve been on twitter a little while now ( and have gone through various phases on how I want to use it for my business.  After the last several months of tweaking my methods, I’ve come to the following conclusion:

Twitter is a pain in the ass.

I started with the common thought: if I follow them, they’ll follow me back, and in order to be successful I MUST have a lot of followers.  My twitter feed got really noisy, really quick, and it was clogged with a bunch of stuff I had no use for. Made me wonder how many people were actually reading what I had to say…

So, I decided to clean out my twitter feed.  By doing so, I came to realize I have just two purposes for Twitter:

  1. Deliver relevant content about working from home, small business development and scams to people who are interested in it…in hopes they buy my stuff or take my classes. (I’m honest.  No need to be in business if I’m not making money)
  2. Find Affiliate and Internet Marketers who are interested in selling my wares to their clients; or those who are interested in joint ventures.

I achieve these goals by adhering to my rules of integrity:

I don’t autofollow…ever.  If I’m following you it’s because I think you’re groovy, you provide relevant content, you are in a niche that is complementary to my business, or you’re a friend/family member who I have to follow otherwise it would be awkward to bump into you at the grocery store or at a party.

I will follow you back if you:

  1. Seem like a real person with real things to say that I find interesting
  2. Have engaged your followers by @replying them
  3. Have retweeted at least once on your main page
  4. Have a website that isn’t an affiliate site
  5. Have a photo of yourself or a custom background (not the generic kind)

And, it generally takes me about a week or so to get around to looking at those who are following me…by that time many spammers will have un-followed me anyway, so only the real people remain.  Not too bad for Buzzy!

I will not follow you if you have protected your tweets. I won’t.  Sorry.  Too much work for me.

I have given up on caring about how many people are following me.  I used to have a silent competition with a few business friends, but now I realize it’s about connections, not numbers.

I use lists, and I keep them private. I divide the people I follow into various niches so that I can focus on what is being said on a particular topic without all the extra noise.  I keep them private because no one needs to see my business strategy but me.  If I’m following you, you’re on a list!  Bwah ha ha ha haaaaaa!

I do schedule a lot of my tweets through I don’t have a phone that can tweet on, and I’m not around my computer all day every day, (although it feels like it sometimes) and so I sit down once a month and come up with relevant posts for my readers.  This gives me constant content on my twitter page, and good SEO.   As I have time throughout the week, I check on people who retweeted my posts, sent me direct replies, and tweet things that I find interesting to my followers.  I plan for content, I engage when I have time.

I don’t bother with all those programs that show you who unfollows you, or if there is reciprocal following or anything like that, because I’m on twitter to make connections with the people I’m following…not to get thousands of followers.

@queenbuzzy is the best way to contact me, since I like to engage others in conversation and re-tweet.  Of course, spammers have caught on to this and have started sending things like “@queenbuzzy, Bob told me to follow you.  I hope you follow me back.”  It’s silly…spam is so easy to catch.

I don’t read Direct Messages except when I’m cleaning them out.  They’re usually just self-serving autoreplies, have a quiz that I could care less about, a generic question like, “I like your profile!  What are you working on now?” or spam.

I will send you a DM if I think you’re spamming me. I know of three friends whose accounts were hacked.  If the DM I get from you seems out of character, I’ll totally give you a heads up.  If it doesn’t stop within a reasonable amount of time, I’ll stop following you.

I go back and forth about sending an auto Direct Message…part of me really hates them (I never read mine) but the other part of me wants to let people know how I use Twitter: directing them to this blog post.  I’ll figure it out sooner or later. (update: I’m using DM for this very purpose…what do you think?)

Since I only follow people I’m interested in hearing from, chances are you’ll receive a few @replies from me about various parts of your business or what you say.  I’m on Twitter to connect…it’s not a numbers game for me.

So there you go!  What you can expect by following me on Twitter:

And, yes, I still haven’t quite figured out how to use Facebook, yet.  I’m sure I’ll come up with a post about that too, once I get the hang of it:


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