Creating a business is like building a house

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I am surrounded by a number of wonderful people who want to see me and my business succeed. They offer a ton of suggestions and ideas and constantly bombard me with information, that unfortunately, just frustrates me.

No matter how well-intentioned, I generally end up feeling annoyed with their attempts at help. I had to step back and take a break to realize why I felt that way…after all, they meant no harm. In reality, they just want to see me succeed, and be a part of the process.

I came to the conclusion that creating a business is a lot like building a house. First you have the idea that you want to build the house, then you figure out the features that you want; the rooms, how many levels, etc. Once the initial ideas are decided, you then create a blueprint. You’ll decide where the plumbing goes, how electricity will be run, and create the plans that the contractors use to make the home a reality.

The construction folks come in, build it the way you want…and once that’s done you get to decorate! You’re painting, hanging wall paper, picking out furniture, moving and hanging pictures. Then you get to move in, live for awhile, or even turn around and rent or sell the house.

Right now, I’m at the phase in my business where I’m decorating. I’m painting, moving, hanging pictures, and there’s a lot to do without a lot of time to do it in. Unfortunately, the suggestions and feedback that I’m getting from peers, friends and family have nothing to do with furniture arrangements or pain colours. They want me to put an addition on the back. Or have a patio off the master bedroom. They want to tear down the walls that I’ve already hung paintings on, and go back to the blueprint phase.

I think this is why I have stopped asking for help…the help that I’m getting doesn’t coincide with the phase of development I’m in with my business.

Many entrepreneurs go through this with our businesses. We are idea people, believe me. There are no lack of things for us to consider, and while we love that you want to help us, ASK if we’re open to feedback about a certain thing before offering. Understand that there are reasons why we’re doing things the way we are and that there is a method to our madness.

It’s not that we don’t respect or want your opinion…it’s just that we probably already considered it, or even tried it, and decided to go another way. Or, we may just be past that phase of development, and we need to see a project through before tweaking it.

I have 43 different file folders about various ways to develop my business. Each with a comprehensive plan for execution. When someone suggests, “Hey, have you thought about getting on radio?” they have no idea that I already have a list of over 500 radio stations, (local and national) their target markets, and contact people. “Getting on Radio” was a blueprint idea. I now need someone to help me make the contact and set up the interview.

Anyone want to help me move some furniture?

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