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coworking spaces

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There’s no debate that our working style has changed with the influx of technology. Many people have discovered the joy of freelancing and with it, the freedom of working on their own terms. However, working from home can pose its own challenges. There are always laundry, dishes, and other distractions. Not to mention friends and neighbors who don’t realize that just because we’re at home, doesn’t mean we don’t still have deadlines to meet!

Freelancers started heading to libraries and coffee-shops en masse to get their work done. But, it’s not particularly professional to meet clients at a local library, and the loud steam machine and clanging of dishes at Starbucks makes it awkward to carry on phone conversations. Additionally, being a solopreneur has a huge element of isolation, and slowly, there became a need to have a space, where professionals could work and collaborate by themselves, with an element of community.

And coworking was born.

Coworking is when independent professionals (or teams) work in the same environment, but not for the same company. A typical coworking space may have shared desk space for lease by the month as well as a few private offices. They have shared conference rooms, wi-fi, printing, and some have special phone booths for private conversations. Many coworking spaces pride themselves on creating a community atmosphere and offer events and classes for their members. A wide variety of people use coworking spaces: web developers, attorneys, engineers, graphic designers, social media consultants…pretty much anyone who has the ability to work independently can benefit from using a coworking space.

Coworking solves the problem many freelances have with isolation and distraction when working at home. If there are no coworking spaces in your area yet, check out to see if there are any groups you can join, and other small business associations where you can meet independent professionals to form your own community!

To find coworking spaces in your area click on the links below:

Alabama coworking spaces
Alaska coworking spaces
Arizona coworking spaces
Arkansas coworking spaces
California coworking spaces
Colorado coworking spaces
Connecticut coworking spaces
Delaware coworking spaces
Florida coworking spaces
Georgia coworking spaces
Hawaii coworking spaces
Idaho coworking spaces
Illinois coworking spaces
Indiana coworking spaces
Iowa coworking spaces
Kansas coworking spaces
Kentucky coworking spaces
Louisana coworking spaces
Maine coworking spaces
Maryland coworking spaces
Massachusetts coworking spaces
Michigan coworking spaces
Minnesota coworking spaces
Mississippi coworking spaces
Missouri coworking spaces
Montana coworking spaces
Nebraska coworking spaces
Nevada coworking spaces
New Hampshire coworking spaces
New Jersey coworking spaces
New Mexico coworking spaces
New York coworking spaces
North Carolina coworking spaces
North Dakota coworking spaces
Ohio coworking spaces
Oklahoma coworking spaces
Oregon coworking spaces
Pennsylvania coworking spaces
Rhode Island coworking spaces
South Carolina coworking spaces
South Dakota coworking spaces
Tennessee coworking spaces
Texas coworking spaces
Utah coworking spaces
Vermont coworking spaces
Virginia coworking spaces
Washington coworking spaces
West Virginia coworking spaces
Wisconsin coworking spaces
Wyoming coworking spaces
Washington DC coworking spaces

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