Can I tell my friends that I’m a Mystery Shopper?

Hiya Queen!

I loved your mystery shopper book and video and have been shopping for a little over a month now.  The checks are just now starting to come in and I’m so happy!  I’ve been wanting to tell my sister and my friends about mystery shopping, but I know that companies are really strict about their confidentially rules.  Can I actually tell people that I’m a shopper? Or do I have to keep this a secret forever?

-Mums-the-word Molly

Mystery shopping secrets

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Hi Molly,

You absolutely can tell people you’re a mystery shopper. Heck, if we couldn’t do that, I’d be in BIIIIIGGGGG trouble!  What companies don’t want is you blabbin’ all over town talking about the assignments you did and for what company.

You can tell people that you did a restaurant shop.  You can’t tell them that you did a restaurant shop for Billy Bob’s House of Pancakes through ABC Mystery Shopping company that paid $20.

You can tell people that you have 3 apartment shops scheduled for this week.  You can’t tell them that you’ll be meeting with Ginny at Lakeshore apartments, Barbara at Shorewood apartments, and Keith at Wooden Lake apartments.

You can tell people that you shopped a bank yesterday.  You can’t tell them that you were at the downtown branch of XYZ bank and they were oh-so-rude…blah blah blah.

Get the picture?

Now, sometimes you can bring your friends or kids with you on an assignment.  Restaurants especially like you going in pairs.  When that happens, it’s up to the scheduler’s discretion whether or not you can tell your guest if you’re on a shop.  Most times, it’s ok because they can then help you keep track of timings.

Except kids….don’t tell kids anything. They have big mouths.

I hope this helps!

Happy Shopping!


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