Can I bring the kids on a mystery shop?

This week on Mystery Shopping Monday, we’re going to explore the idea of bringing kids and other people on shops with you…inspired by the inquiry below.

Hi Buzzy,

I was recently assigned a movie theatre shop, and 2 restaurants.  I’m so excited to get started!  The only thing is that my baby sitter cancelled on me, and I have to get these shops done TODAY!  What should I do?  Can I bring the kids with me?

-Worried and Hurried

 Ok, first of all, RELAX. Then, call your scheduler!  They are your life-line to help you when situations like these arise.  I cannot specifically speak for your scheduler or company, but most restaurant shops allow you to take a few people with you.  In fact, Mystery Shopping companies LIKE you to take people with you because 1) it makes you appear like a normal customer, and 2) you can have them help you keep track of timings which results in a more accurate shop!

The same principles apply to movie theatres…most often you can take someone with you on the assignment.  Just make sure that the movie is kid-friendly!

If you can take people with you, regardless if they are your kids, your spouse, or friends, remember that your confidentially agreements still apply.  You may not be able to TELL them that it’s a shop!  Especially if they are kids.  The last thing you want to hear out of your child’s mouth is, “Mommy, they didn’t say “Hi”…do they get points off for that?”

Now, if these were apartment or bank shops, I’d be a little bit more concerned.  But most likely, it will be ok for you to bring the kids with you.  However, don’t just take my word for it!  PLEASE talk to your scheduler before you head out.  If these are shops that do require you to go solo, your scheduler may be able to buy you some extra time so you can get them done tomorrow or over the weekend.

Good luck, and Happy Shopping!

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