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Is Rexair (Rainbow) a Scam?

Rainbow vacuum by Rexair

Dear WAHFAQ, Someone told me that you used to sell Rainbow Vacuums.  I’ve been thinking about doing it, is Rexair a scam?  Is it legitimate?  What was your experience? Click here to read the answer on our new website!  

My Random Job: Ronald McDonald’s bodyguard

Ronald McDonald

“Does Ronald McDonald need a bodyguard?” I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been asked that very question. And I always reply, with a sly look in my eye, “Yes. Twelve-year-old boys were the worst.” And, frankly…they were. They were always trying to step on Ronald’s feet and pull his hair. It’s interesting …

My Random Job: Phone book deliverer

Phone book delivery

Did you know it’s required by law for every residence to receive a phone book?  I didn’t know that…until I worked as a phone book delivery person! Yes, we know that you probably will just recycle them…or use them to squash really scary looking bugs.  But it’s the law, so who are we to argue? …

My Random Job: Sexual Health Clinic Advisor

Red medical signs

While I was in college, I got the best job ever for a young college student: I worked as an advisor in the sexual health resource clinic. I was only there for a few months, maybe five or so, but I learned SO much about sexual health, contraception, and everything that a parent would like …

My Random Job: Underwater model

Geisha modeling shoot

Granted, I have a lot of quirks…one that really gets my hackles all up in a bunch is getting my ears wet.  Yeah, I know, it’s weird.  I don’t like getting my ears wet, I don’t like putting my face underwater, not even in the shower. Forget trying to get me to open my eyes …

My Random Job: Teaching ESL

Learning language

You may have heard of Berlitz from the plethora of language tapes and programs that are out in the market. What you may not know is that Berlitz also has language schools throughout the world.  I landed a job at Berlitz teaching English to various adult students who had come to the area, usually as a …

My Random Job: Hotel Brochure Delivery

Courier truck

If you’ve ever stayed at a hotel or motel, you know that they have TONS of touristy brochures for their guests. In the Seattle area, there is a company called that goes one step further and offers business-card sized brochures of local attractions. The cards are for restaurants, the space needle, tours, cruises, the aquarium …

My Random Job: Artist in Residence, Taiwan

The Dream Community

One of the cool things about having random jobs is that I’m never really tied to any one location, unless I want to be.  When an overseas opportunity arises, I have the freedom to take it. In Taiwan, there is a great artist community called, “The Dream Community” which hosts foreign artists to come into …

My Random Job: Artist in Residence, Detroit

Inside Out Detroit

My awesome friend Ian used to work for  Inside Out is a literary arts program for the Detroit Public Schools. Each year, they hire local writers and artists to be in-residence and help the kids publish a literary magazine with stories, poems, and photos of artwork at various schools. One year, Ian was brave …

My Random Job: Dog walker

Dog Walker

My very first job ever, even before the teenage adventures in babysitting, was as a dog-walker for my neighbor. I was in the 6th grade, and my neighbors were a young couple who worked full time and didn’t have any kids.  I began walking their wonderful Wheaten Terrier, Delaney, everyday after school for $1 per …