About this site

There is nothing worse than sitting down with your checkbook at the end of the monthStressed Woman to realize that you don’t have enough to meet your basic needs.

It’s happening a lot right now: unemployment is running rampant, people are getting laid off in massive numbers, savings and investments are drying up quickly, and many people are relying on their credit cards to cover basic necessities.

Having an extra job, or other random sources of income, could mean the difference between constant worry and financial stability. But what do you do when you can’t distinguish between legitimate work and a clever ploy?

This site was created to teach you how to identify scams while providing legitimate resources, companies, and ideas that can help you bridge the income gap. Using her experience and knowledge in Internet marketing, Bethany Mooradian reveals the most common tricks of scammers. She empowers you with the resources to research companies and job offers so you’ll never have to ask,“Is this job for real or a scam?”

About the Queen

“Queen Buzzy” is the alter ego of Bethany Mooradian, a true Renaissance woman, or silent suffer of ADHD…you be the judge:

At some point in her life, she has worked as a puppeteer, dog walker, art gallery owner, waitress, child-care provider, book/music seller, actor, sexual health resource clinic advisor, model, customer-service evaluator, merchandiser, mystery shopping company owner, elderly care giver, phone book deliverer, hotel brochure canvassar, pre-school teacher, artist, music and performance venue coordinator, community education teacher, web designer and coder, census-taker, Internet business owner, virtual assistant, standardized test scorer, pilates studio manager, parade float fabricator, elections worker, housekeeper for Bill Gates and Paul Allen, landlord and property manager, vacuum salesman, surveyor, tutor, marketer, project innovator, writer, small business consultant and revenue-generator, and of course, Ronald McDonald’s bodyguard.

All of these fabulous (and not so fabulous) experiences have led her to being dubbed, “Queen of the Random Job.” After all, she needed ways to supplement her puppetry habit, but still find ways to eat.

Bethany’s entrepreneurial life began in 1999 through many trial and error adventures. Since then, she has found ways to share all of her hard-learned lessons and help others identify scams and find legitimate work.  Whether your purpose is to save for a vacation, get out of debt, or just get some extra money to help fund a business venture, Bethany’s books and classes will help you navigate the crazy work-from-home and odd-job world.

You can meet “The Queen” at one of her Mystery Shopping or Work from Home seminars, or at various small business networking events and trade shows. Bethany is located in the Pacific Northwest, but is available for events in the US and Canada. Check out the event calendar for current dates. Not in the area? No worries: online seminars are available for you to take at your leisure through Udemy.com.