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The three most evil work at home scams ever

Granted, I consider most scams to be some kind of “evil” but there are a few in particular that have their own special brand of sinister wretchedness. That is because in these scams, you will actually be paid, but unbeknownst … Continue reading

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Work at home without going insane

Ah the joy of working from home. Waking up when ever you want, going to bed whenever you want, working whenever you want …. That’s what most of us think of right? Well, in actuality, just because you work from home, … Continue reading

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Save cash and barter for your small business instead

Before the time of MasterCard, Visa and Amex, people paid for things by cash or bartering. As a new business, bartering is a wonderful way to trade services and products for other, well, services and products. You’ll save your cash flow … Continue reading

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Do you really want to follow me on Twitter?

I’ve been on twitter a little while now ( and have gone through various phases on how I want to use it for my business.  After the last several months of tweaking my methods, I’ve come to the following conclusion: … Continue reading

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The problem with sponsoring dreamers

In various businesses, I have encountered many people who say that they are committed, who say that they want to make a change in their lives, but never really follow through. These people amaze me, as I’m pretty much a … Continue reading

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Eleven things money can’t buy

My business goes through periods of great and, well, not-so-great cash-flow.  In other words: I never know from month to month how much money I’m going to make. It’s the pain of living the life as “Queen of the Random … Continue reading

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