10 Habits of leaders

Ten habits of leaders

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Are you a leader? Do you inspire others? Are you willing to do what needs to be done, even when others gripe? Although some people are born leaders, many feel that sense of fear when confronted with “being in charge.”

One of my favorite sayings is, “Become what you lack.” By infusing good habits into your daily life, you can make positive change, no matter what your situation. Although characteristics vary, there are certain qualities that remain tried and true in a leadership role:

  1. Leaders treat people with respect. They are interested in the character, ideas, complaints, and expectations of their people.
  2. Leaders discover who the decision makers are, and get to know them. They bring these people to talk, motivate and inform the organization. The leader does not need to know everything, and is open to having others teach and lead.
  3. Leaders can always be reached by phone, email, text or fax. Responses usually come within 24 hours, and if not, they state the reason why on their machines or through auto-responders.
  4. Leaders will always remain positive about their business, and will never exposes weakness and fear to their organization. Everyone experiences doubt, but leaders won’t let their organization see it.
  5. Leaders always are searching for ways to praise their organization. They recognize that each member is at a different growth phase and acknowledge the progress that they make, without comparing to other members.
  6. Leaders are ethical examples. They follow the rules of the organization and expect nothing less from their people. They are trustworthy in every sense.
  7. Leaders are more concerned about the growth of their people than the growth of their own check. They know that by helping others get what they want, you’ll ultimately get what you want.
  8. Leaders never, ever, EVER speak unkindly of anyone. Even if they deserve it.
  9. Leaders have a clear vision on the direction that they want to take their company. If the company doesn’t have it, the leader figures out how to get it.
  10. Leaders select themselves by taking on responsibility instead of the desire to “be in charge.” If you want to be a leader, take on enough responsibility that it makes you feel like quitting every day…then don’t quit.

These ten traits personify the personality of a true leader in any type of organization. Follow them with great detail and enthusiasm, and watch success come in bountiful amounts!

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