Work for Yourself

For those looking to launch outside of the 9-5 environment. 

Create Passive Income

For those who don’t want their income to be restrained by billable hours or employer’s needs. WARNING: This may require a complete paradigm shift. 


Because you’re never too smart to be deceived at least once in your life.

  • Is Shadow Shopper a scam?

    Is Shadow Shopper a scam?

    Hey Queenie! I found a company called Shadow Shopper and they said that they could get me started in mystery shopping, but they charge a fee.  I remember that you …Read More »
  • eBay Phishing attempts

    eBay Phishing attempts

    I have a few friends who sell stuff on eBay for a living. Recently, one of them had been banned, because his ID had been stolen by a phisher. George …Read More »
  • Is Global Information Network (GIN) a Scam?

    Is Global Information Network (GIN) a Scam?

    Several years ago, I attended a weekend retreat for entrepreneurs that included a seminar by Marshall Sylver, a known Las Vegas hypnotist and performer turned “wealth-builder”. While I am impressed …Read More »

Mystery Shopping

The Queen’s favorite way to make extra income as an independent contractor.

Money Mastery

You should control your money, your money should not control you.


The Anti 9 to 5 Mindset

Shift your thinking into success mode!