Work at Home Employment

For those looking to get a “jobby job” but want to, or need to, stay at home.

Work for Yourself

For those looking to launch outside of the 9-5 environment. 

Create Passive Income

For those who don’t want their income to be restrained by billable hours or employer’s needs. WARNING: This may require a complete paradigm shift. 


Because you’re never too smart to be deceived at least once in your life.

  • Is Shadow Shopper a scam?

    Is Shadow Shopper a scam?

    Hey Queenie! I found a company called Shadow Shopper and they said that they could get me started in mystery shopping, but they charge a fee.  I remember that you …Read More »
  • eBay Phishing attempts

    eBay Phishing attempts

    I have a few friends who sell stuff on eBay for a living. Recently, one of them had been banned, because his ID had been stolen by a phisher. George …Read More »
  • Is “Next Job at Home” a scam?

    Is “Next Job at Home” a scam?

    Hey Buzzy, I came across this website for work at home job listings.  Have you heard of it?  Is it real or is it a scam: -Home-bound Hannah Hi …Read More »

Mystery Shopping

The Queen’s favorite way to make extra income as an independent contractor.

Money Mastery

You should control your money, your money should not control you.

Marketing Matters

Know how to sell yourself, your talents, and your business.

The Anti 9 to 5 Mindset

Shift your thinking into success mode!

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